Get Rid of Bad Breath and Improve Your Life

You won’t have to mask your bad breath when it’s not there

Bad Breath

You Don’t Have to Live with Bad Breath

Bad Breath (or halitosis) affects nearly 60 million people in America alone. Causes range from gingivitis and periodontal disease to lesser known instigators such as diet, acid-reflux disease, diabetes, and dry-mouth. There are a wide range of treatments to mask bad breath, but not many that treat the symptoms that cause it. At DDS Dental, Dr. Mike and his staff have developed treatments for dealing with dry-mouth, reducing bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath, as well as dental plans for counseling patients on diets, with diabetes, and other medical problems that cause halitosis.

You won’t have to mask your bad breath when it’s not there. Call or email Dr. Mike at DDS Dental in Marysville, WA to get rid of the symptom by getting rid of the problem.

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