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Be at Ease at DDS Dental

Dr Mike

Dr. Mike Cho is One of a Kind

The first thing you’ll notice about Dr. Mike is his brilliant smile, which is then followed by a warm greeting. And before you’ve noticed another thing you’ll be in the dentist’s chair, telling Dr. Mike your wildest family anecdotes as he laughs and rejoins with his own. Dr. Mike is a converser and he likes to tell stories while he works. As an easy going guy himself, he likes to dispense with formalities and focus on his patients comfort while he’s treating them. That usually involves the patient watching the HD television or a DVD, while Dr. Mike talks about the USC Trojans or his son, or hiking, or more typically, all three. Patients are encouraged to do the same, to share about family and major and minor life-events while they’re being administered their dental care. The overall atmosphere allows patients to get past the anxiety sometimes associated with going to the distance and feel like their appointment is as everyday as meeting a friend while grocery shopping.

They pride themselves on the warmth of their receptionists and dental technicians

The Clinic and the Staff

staff DDS Dental

It’s not just Dr. Mike that makes DDS such an easy going place to receive your dental care. Dr. Mike’s staff is as relaxed and affable as he is. They pride themselves on the warmth of their receptionists and dental technicians. They know that coming into the dentist’s office can be difficult, especially if you have children. Dr. Mike’s office has books for the kids, magazines for the adults, and a few toys to help you relax while you wait. He especially likes to work with children and families and his staff feels likewise. The clinic is designed to help patients feel at ease as if they were sitting in a friend’s house. Warm colors, flower arrangements, and appealing decor are all considered at DDS.

Feel free to stop by the clinic and take a look inside. We know you’ll love the staff and the facility.

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